Culture Code

1. We are a GENEROUS church // We are extravagant and cheerful givers of our finance, time, gifts and love, to bring blessing and benefit to others

2. We are a RELATIONSHIP focused church // We celebrate people, enjoy people, prioritise family, have fun and care for people regardless of who they are

3. We are a church of EXCELLENCE // We always bring our best in our being and in our doing

4. We are an EVANGELISTIC church // We take on the responsibility to reach out and invest in people who don’t know Jesus

5. We are a church of WORSHIP // We love God, with all our heart, mind and strength

6. We are a church of DISCIPLESHIP // We are committed to personal spiritual growth, and helping others to grow

7. We are a SERVANT-HEARTED church // We work together to enable God’s plans for a city and a nation

8. We are a COMMUNITY church // We pray, fast and impact our community to bring heaven to earth

9. We are a church of HOSPITALITY // We believe that no matter who you are, or where you’ve been, you are welcome here, and there’s a place for you

10. We are a GENERATIONAL church // Every one of us coming together to work on something bigger than ourselves